Current Platforms

The following are our current full-time in-house or
JV-funded projects with The
Beto Paredes Family of Companies.



PECE was developed through industry experts and the LABS engineering division of the Beto Paredes Family of Companies. This is an enterprise management system that works with all required staff members and multiple locations. All users have the ability to collaborate on medical device reporting data and billing.

PECE operates through custom-engineered algorithms built to read biomedical informatic data from various reporting methods and display validated medical information. We have coded the LCD requirements and qualify encounter form and billing submissions directly from the reporting data. We fully prepare encounter data for physician review and digital signature. Unique to our system we qualify medical necessity diagnostic data leading to “next step analysis” across 21 additional exams (MRI, nerve conduction study etc…). We are currently servicing dozens of happy practice customers.

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  • The PECE™ virtual program management platform
  • Physician Dashboard and test analysis back-office
  • Individual Dashboard access for medical personnel within the practice
  • Encounter Form algorithm creation & management
  • Auto-generated Encounter & IBT Forms
  • Additional tests validation by establishing medical necessity
  • Comprehensive Billing Support & Oversight (Current Adjudication Rate is 98%)
  • Patient Insurance details management
  • Medical technician Scheduling Calendar
  • Physician Scheduling Calendar system for patient referral
  • Reporting access for all testing systems
  • Tech support for Med Techs and other users
  • Medical technician training platform
  • Enterprise Management features for multiple locations of a practice
  • Marketing Materials for Physician and Patient network


Beto Paredes Back Office System is a first-in-class training and full management CRM. Our Back office system provides industry-specific training for the sales reps along with providing all the necessary tools and materials for presentations, discovery webcasts and closing documentation.

The Beto Paredes sales model is fully managed through the use of our enterprise sales software. From full sales and product training to the use of marketing tools and presentation media we give our sales people only the best. Distributor partners are able to participate and add their sales teams to our system which facilitates full management of their success. Sales people have access to set discovery calls with our closing desk, request contracts and facilitate the full close with digital signatures all automated in our system. Our CRM tools give sales people full management of their leads from entered to fully closed deals.

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  • Individual dashboard access for related personnel within the back-office system.
  • Presenting resource block on the dashboard provides videos, files and, links to a resource.
  • Sales pitch.
  • Custom-created sales deck.
  • Landing pages and share links.
  • Print Media.
  • Training dashboard.
  • User Management.
  • Manage categories and videos of related product training.
  • Commission setting that is variable-pay remuneration for services rendered or products sold.
  • Discovery calls booking
  • Book game plan meeting to discuss sales process.
  • Lead management to funnel in potential clients.
  • Managing slots to discuss any issue with the lead.
  • Associating disposition call with the outcome of Follow Up Call.
  • View the schedule of forthcoming events.
  • Easy integration of social sharing.
  • Program cycle management.
  • Generate contracts on behalf of a lead available for individual products.
  • Tech support for various users.
  • Reply against added job tickets.

MASSIVE MEDICAL INVENTORY MANAGEMENT FOR THE SALE OF MEDICAL DEVICES, EQUIPMENT AND MEDICAL SUPPLIES INTERNATIONALLY was developed through a JV Partnership with World Scientific and the LABS engineering division of the Beto Paredes Family of Companies. Our platform facilitates the procurement of used and nearly expired medical equipment from hospitals, diagnostic centers, medical facilities, and distributors into an online marketplace.

The international business model exposes valuable medical equipment to an international consortium of partnerships. The demand side market of governments, hospitals and other medical facilities worldwide can search and buy equipment directly on our platform. We work with every size of buyer. Our services include access to consultants that source large scale hospital furnishing, and equipment needs and prepare full build quotes. Direct distributors can also build in accounts and sell at controlled prices. This project started in 2020 and is set to launch in May 2022.

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  • Buy, list, and sell nearly-expired, or expired Medical equipment
  • Medical Facility Design Consultation
  • Laboratory Supplies, Chemicals, and Equipment
  • Pharmaceutical Products
  • Clinical Lab Instruments
  • Diagnostic Kits and Controls
  • Personal Protection Equipment
  • Organic and Custom Synthesis Products
  • Cell Culture Supplies, Protein Assay Kits, and Reagents
  • Comprehensive packages for Hospital departments, Laboratories, etc.
  • In-house services, field repair services, check-up, and installation calibration
  • On-site services and preventative maintenance plans
  • Quick and easy shipment and delivery
  • Consultancy programs for laboratory designs and equipment

With a vision to become the key specialist resource partner to hospitals and healthcare centers, has been a pioneer in the provision of top-notch medical and laboratory equipment, supplies, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and consumables for more than two decades.



DataMed Unlimited is a global initiative combining cutting edge medical device and laboratory solutions in joint venture projects with governments. Utilizing blood card technology for in-home laboratory testing and mobile facilities with ANS testing our programs can assess large populations in record time.

DataMed’s back office system analyzes over 120 medical bio markers and a large variety of lab assays and prepares patient records of results. These results become accessible to the larger population of doctors, hospitals and medical facilities that have access to the patient data. For government health administrations the data collected can be accessed for disease state and symptom trending within chosen populations. This facilitates their ability to make much better decisions about the health care of their people for the development of future programs. We have currently submitted proposals and plan to launch in 2023.

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  • DataMed Unlimited is a real-time strategic information system
  • Pilots for our Global Humanitarian Healthcare Initiative.
  • Individual Dashboard access to reporting by attending physicians, hospitals, medical facilities, medical
  • research teams, and government agencies.
  • Comprehensive Reporting on Traditional Risk Factors, through a non-invasive testing
  • The reading of patient biodata gathered through the RM-3A and Blood test collection efforts.

At DataMed Unlimited, an Applied Science Solutions technology, it is our goal to monitor health trends supporting and facilitating the prediction of events and early-warning systems in a preventative manner. At our core, we work at sustaining the monitoring and evaluation of health reforms and priority health programs; enabling the generation and sharing of evidence for policy and decision-making.