One of the things I am very passionate about is teaching and training. I do this in my organizations on a weekly basis.


Whenever I get time I offer classes to the rest of the population and focus mostly on homebased business success.

If you are in one of my classes, you will get something that is impossible to get anywhere else. The difference between me and other trainers for the most part is I have been there, done that and am still

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"Don't let others tell you what's possible:boundaries are defined by each of us alone" Beto Paredes

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When Beto has time, he loves to share what he has learned in the last 20 years.

There is something really rewarding when it comes to leadership, entrepreneurship and homebased business ownership. Beto was lucky enough to grow up in the home of an entrepreneur. He has ran and operated businesses from the time he was in his early 20s. In that time, he has launched call centers, managed national sales teams, been a successful Network Marketer and even now is deeply involved in several businesses.

Besides having several of his own businesses that are in various stages of development he still manages a Network Marketing organization as its President. He is the national sales manager for a medical device company, the vice President of sales for a labs company and have over 100 people working under him in these various endeavors.

He does trainings for his people every week and often he will offer training for the public and outside entrepreneurs looking to make a name for themselves. The training he offers is very unique in that he is a very well-rounded business professional. When he does training outside of his companies the focus is on home based business ownership.

Subjects covered in Beto's training

# Leadership skills, both self and others
# Time management and action plans
# Team development and networking
# Creative thinking vrs Strategic action
# Delegation vrs personal responsibility
# The secret to motivation
# Marketplace analysis local and national
# Product presentation and sales
# Sales and marketing techniques and understanding
# Social media and digital marketing