"Don't let others tell you what's possible:boundaries are defined by each of us alone" Beto Paredes


#Beto Paredes has worked engineering projects, creating companies and structuring sales performance for several industries. He has managed major projects for business theory and core engineering for all the various companies he has launched and did major projects for companies in web development, automotive, direct response marketing and network marketing. Including the highly successful 5Linx (Inc 500) and Jeunesse Skin Care. Beto has been actively working in the Direct Online Marketing industry and other related online industries for over 10 years. He has worked for companies such Affiliate.com (Inc 500), Hydra Networks (Inc 500), Media Trust (Inc 500), LinkTrust (Inc 5000), AKMG, Get Ads, and others.

Beto has also appeared several times as a guest speaker at conferences in the Automotive, MLM, Affiliate Marketing, and Software Engineering space. These include IT Summit, Affiliate Convention, several state IADAs and the Ad-Tech OfferVault Leadership Conference. He is still currently engaged to speak as a keynote speaker in September of 2017 at the Marketplace Master Dealership Series Conference and EXPO.

As a founding partner and joint venture contributor Beto has held titles ranging from Chairman, Chief Technical Officer, Chief Executive Officer and Founder in several companies.

From Beto Paredes:
"I come from a very hardworking entrepreneurial background. When my father was in his late twenties he decided to move from his home of Chile to come to the United States. From that point on, every day spent here was a learning experience and opportunity to progress and succeed. Through dedication and hard work my father learned English and opened up an electronic technician service. His business flourished, as did his career, and he was eventually able to open up multiple locations as well as his own school for electronics. Very early on my brothers and I incorporated the tech industry into our lives as well, which was really a natural evolution from our father's technical line of work.

I am also a father and have an amazing son and three lovely daughters. Respectively they are Gabriel, Scarlet, Marisol and Amelia. I am married to the woman of my dreams who is also my business partner and have a new son on the way! IT’s a boy and his name will be Liam. I love them all dearly and they are a daily inspiration for everything I do. "
Skills and Accomplishments Include:
  • Developing several business models as a founding partner and idea originator for 9 companies that are still alive and thriving.
  • Contributions to over 200 companies' business models and plans during the various client projects I have been involved in.
  • Holding and maintaining corporate responsibly in the offices of CEO, COO and President for several companies and corporations.
  • Handling multiple project management responsibilities in sales, marketing and software development.
  • Contracting for complex technology architecture with a variety of clientele and industries including affiliate and multi level marketing compensation plans.
  • Writing extensive software models for diverse application builds and creating deployment schedules and time lines over large periods of time.
  • Hiring, training and maintaining successful sales and marketing personnel.
  • New business development creating all business media required for breaking into new industries.
  • High level HTML web scripting and graphic design skills. Personally attending to over 200 websites from design to launch. There after managing several designers over the course of time being involved in over 1,200 projects.
  • Extensive knowledge of the internet, who the players are and the entire history.
  • SEO and web content writing and consulting with a complete understanding of how search engine placement works. As the originator of ApogeeInvent for the first 4 years I managed all of the SEO and web marketing for over 300 websites.
  • A great understanding of social media trends, where it is going and how to make use of it for profit. A large number of the project undertakings I have been involved in were social network based.
  • The ability to hire, train and implement large teams of organized professionals and executives in every department of a corporate entity.
I have spearheaded the development of technology for major companies in the following Industries:
  • Online direct marketing and publishing
  • Network marketing in several commission structures
  • Automotive both major brand and small business
  • IP transit and telecommunications
  • Point of sale and inventory for large industry
  • eCommerce and merchant api scripting
  • Accounting modules including complex models for CPA firms
  • Social networking and online communities
  • Video streaming and content management
  • Sales and marketing contact management platforms for larger corporations
Companies of note that I have partnered with or ran major projects for starting in 2000:
  • MediaTrust (Inc 500)
  • Affilaite.com (Inc 500)
  • WBS Connect (Inc 500)
  • 5 LINX (Inc 500)
  • Hydra Networks (Inc 500)
  • LinkTrust (Inc 5000)
  • RipOffReport.com
  • Evolve Health (International Public Company)
Speaking Career:
I have have spend a large amount of my professional carreer traveling as a speaker in many industry related conventions and forums. I love getting the opportunity to talk with business professionals and those interested in entertainment, social media and technology. I have appeared on several convention panels in the IT, affiliate marketing and software development industries. Included in this list are 2 panels for Aff Con Denver, 2009 and OfferVault's leadership summit at Ad-Tech, 2011.
Subjects I have covered:
  • RSS Syndication and multi variant posting
  • 2nd Layer ad serving
  • Artificial intelligence for the web
  • Website development and design
  • Search engine optimization and social media
  • CPA advertising and the direct online marketing industry
I have spoken at major IT Summits and Direct Marketing conventions involving government, affiliates and C level audiences in:
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Little Rock, AK
  • Denver, CO
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Salt Lake City, UT
  • Idaho Falls, ID
I have Origionated the Concepts, Business Structure and held C level Positions in all of the Following Companies Plus Several More.